About Dyantha

My name is Dyantha Starre, born in The Netherlands in 1994. My passion for photography already started when I was about 12 years old, but I only started to broaden my knowledge in 2016. It all started at Stichting Leeuw in Holland where they rehabilitate ex-circus/zoo/private owned big cats. I always dreamt about going to Africa, and become a wildlife photographer but I never really had the opportunity to do it until I met with Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South-Africa, one of Stichting Leeuw’s biggest partners, or actually with the owners of Emoya. They gave me the opportunity to develop my photography skills and to actually spend a lot of time in the African bush, photographing their cats but also all the other wildlife living on their 5,000 hectare farm in the middle of nowhere in South-Africa.

From all the products in this shop, unless mentioned otherwise, 50% of the profit will be donated towards the big cats of Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.

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